GridPro Version 6.6 Released!

In the quest to reach heights unreached by any multi-block grid generator, we have continued to improve the accessibility and reliability of our product GridPro!

Following are the list of features that are highlights of this version:

  • Interactive block display with validity and quality warnings!

  • Advanced Surface meshing for Iges and Stl surface imports.

  • Divide and conquer approach for both geometry and blocks – GridPro has enhanced the divide and conquer approach, used previously for meshing a zone of interest,  where the blocking or topology was built only for that zone. Now the user having a topology for the entire domain ,can still choose to mesh only the critical zone of concern,  by selecting the blocks in the zone and generating the grid for the same.
  • The grid generation algorithm can now be programmed from the GUI using the schedule file option to do the following:
    • Stop after a certain number of iterations.
    • Create multi grids by specifying parameters.
    • Control clustering of grid points on the surfaces.
    • Accelerating grid smoothing in a specific regions of interest, and
    • Option to activate clustering to be run as a post-processing step.


  • Post-processing of grids is now possible without using the grid smoothing algorithm(Ggrid). The new Extrude option helps in linear extrusion of  the grid to the far-field.

  • Clustering can be done on an Euler grid  in the GUI as a post-processing step using the Clustering tool in the Grid panel.

  • Editing/tweaking of grid points is now possible in the GUI by using the Node command in the Grid panel.

  • New installation binary formats (*.run) for Linux as well as Mac platforms.
  • Further enhancements and bug fixes in this version can be found in

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